International Dance and Music Contest “All colours of Art”

23  - 27 July 2020, Montecatini - Florence

Cash prize for groups - 1000 euro for 1 group in category  "Dance" and "Vocal"

Cash prize for soloists - 300 euro in category  "Vocal", "Dance" and "Instrumental performance"

International Dance and Vocal contest is open for groups and soloists of different ages and dance/vocal categories. It’s a celebration of dance art for children and adults in an unique atmosphere of joy and funny moments, combining a holiday in wonderful Italy with participation in a prestigious event. The biggest award will be 1 prize in the amount of 1000 euro for the best dance and best vocal group in the contest carefully selected by international jury. Our 13 years’ experience makes our organization leader in the realization of international festivals and contests in Italy and is synonyms for quality and excellence. It allows us to guarantee for all services our participants receive, maintaining good value for money.



- Folklore dance groups /authentic and stylized/

- Classical dance groups

- Contemporary dance (jazz modern, neoclassic

- Sport dance (hip hop, disco, techno, street, break dance, and other street styles);


- academic singing
- jazz/rock/rap singing
- folk singing
- pop singing

         Age category:

  1. Children – till 18 years old - /7-9 years/,  /10- 12 years/, /13-15 years/ , /16- 18 years/
  2. Adult – over 18 years old - /19-30 years/, /31-40 years/, /41-54 years/
  3. Senior – over 55 years old




- I category: academic singing;

- II category: jazz singing;

- III category: folk singing;

- IV category: pop singing;



- Variety dance

- Folk-stage and Folk-stylized dance

- Modern dance

- Classical dance

- Street dance


- Folk instruments (accordion, accordion, balalaika, etc.)

- Wind instruments (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, etc.)

- Classical instruments (guitar, piano, violin, cello, etc.),

- Variety instruments (electric guitar, synthesizer, percussion, etc.)

Age category:

  • I) younger than 6 years;  7-9 years ; 10-11 years  ;  12-13 years ;  14 -16 years; 17 – 19 years
  • II) 20 – 27 years;  over 28 years


* The group age is based on the majority of the participants.

General technical requirements: In the presence of audio in electronic form, phonograms must be sent in advance by e-mail, after registration of the application. (Phonogram file format: mp3, wma, wav. Phonogram file name format:

SURNAME Name - Song name. Replacement of the repertoire is possible at registration at the competition.

Competitive requirements, specified in the score sheet of the jury:


• Purity of intonation;

• Range of voice;

• Artistry and scenic culture;

• Choosing a repertoire


• Theme and selection of the repertoire;

• Performing skills;

• Dance composition;

• Costumes and props;

• Acting skills.

Instrumental performance:

• Technique of performance;

• Composition;

• Musicality, virtuosity, sound culture;

•Understanding the style, artistic interpretation of the musical work, selection of the repertoire;

• Artistry, stage appearance, general impression.

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- BOLOGNA - 124 KM

- MILAN- 357 KM


- The jury will give 1 prize in the amount of 1000 euro for the best dance and vocal group in the contest

- The jury will give 1 prize in the ammount of 300 euro for soloist in each category - Vocal, Dance and Instrumental

• The winner of the Grand Prix is determined in each of  categories.

• The winners of I, II and III degrees are groups who won I, II and III places in each category in each age category. They are awarded cups, prizes and souvenirs.

• Groups/Soloists who do not win the main awards of the competition receive Diploma for participation and souvenir.

The jury has the right not to award, but also to duplicate certain places at its own discretion.


- The composition of the jury is formed and approved by the Organizing Committee of the competition. The jury of the competition is formed by specialists of culture and art, famous artists: composers, singers, choreographers, variety artists, teachers.

- When there are situations when there are no worthy candidates for the Grand Prix and prizes, the Grand prix and prizes are not awarded.

- The jury does not take into account national and social features, material possibilities.

- Participants are evaluated in each nomination, in each age category. The jury evaluates the performance by closed voting.

The jury can share the title of laureate and diploma between several participants.

Decisions of the jury are not subject to appeal.

The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the decision of the jury and the awarding of seats to the participants.

Participation fee:

Hotel*** basic - 155 Euro per person

Hotel***comfort - 170 Euro per person

Hotel**** - 195 euro per person


The participation fee includes:

• 5 days/4 nights accommodation in 3 or 4-bed rooms, private bathroom with a shower and hot water

• 4 half board /breakfast and dinner/

• Support our staff during the festival

• Festival participation fee

• Tourist tax

*Supplement: double room – 5 euro per day per person/ single room – 15 euro per day

* Free parking for groups' buses

*Participating fee for group  – 100 euro

* Participating fee for small groups of 5-10 persons – 40 euro

* Participating fee for soloist - 40 euro

 - For groups of 25 participants, 26th is serviced free of charge, for the groups with over 40 participants, 41st, 42nd and 43rd are serviced free of charge.

- Upon request organizers can arrange bus transfers from airports to the hotel for additional fee.

The participation fee does not include: Additional day in some of the hotels - Optional tours - Transport, insurance...

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