Welcome to Festivals 2017

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Welcome to the magic dance-music world of Sopravista!


"Sopravista" is the Italian organization for excellence specialized in the realization of International Festivals for folklore and modern arts, offering professionalism and attention as well as the most prestigious International Festivals all over the Italy. Our staff follow each participating ensemble from the request for participation and preparation of its trip to Italy providing all necessary information, till the stay of the group at the festival ensuring qualitative excellence. For 2017 we're happy to offer you our 5 "jewels" organized in 5 different and very famous locations - we start with spring festival on beautiful Garda's Lake, in May we're in Jesolo /Venice/, in July we're waiting for you in the heart of Tuscany - Montecatini, in August near to Rome there will be the biggest international folklore festival and we'll close our season with the most prestigious festival on Italian Riviera in the end of September. Here are all dates:



30 March - 3 April 2017



18 - 22

May 2017



18 - 22

May 2017



14 - 18

July 2017



20 - 24 / 24 - 28

August 2017



21 - 25

September 2017

 During our festivals there will be organized streets parades, concerts and many extra activities for the groups like degustation of typical italian wine and cheese, zumba at the beach, creative laboratories, disco evening ect.

Video from our festivals are available on: http://www.dailymotion.com/sopravista

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