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Dance and Vocal Contest

"All colours of Art"


XI° International 

Dance and Music Festival

"Bracciano's Castle"

X° International Spring Festival

"Garda's Lake"

Garda's Lake - Italy

    Garda's Lake is Italy's largest and most visited lake. The lake is 51km long but only 17km wide at its widest point in the south. The distance around the lake is 158km. Picturesque villages, medieval castles, and lakeside promenades dot the shoreline.....

International Festival for Folklore and Contemporary arts "Le spiagge d'Italia"

  Jesolo - Venice

Beach , fun and many activities for groups - that we offer you in Jesolo. The favorable climate of the area in the period of May allows us to organize for our guests different attractions during the free time like sand sculptures...


Jesolo - Venice

     Jesolo is in the Veneto region of Italy. This coastal town is very popular with foreign tourists, especially Germans and Austrians, and also with the Italians and it is one of the longest beaches in Italy, stretching over 13 km. It has a wide range of hotels, shops and attractions next to the beach.

XII° International Summer Festival

"Meet the tradition"

Montecatini - Florence


Montecatini Terme is in the heart of Tuscany near Florence, Lucca, Pisa, and Viareggio on the coast. It's a pleasant and peaceful town reminiscent of bygone days with a big park in the center, 3 thermal establishments, an elegant wellness center, high quality shops. . .


Sopravista Olympic Art Game

Riccione - Rimini



Olympic Art Games on real stage in the summer. For you - a lot of fun, joy and many extra activities in beautiful sunny Italy where the history of our ancestors is still alive and can feel the spirit of the most famous Renaissance artists...


XXI° International Dance and Song Festival "Le spiagge d'Italia"



The Green Pearl of Adriatic Coast - Riccione hosts the biggest international dance and song festival to enjoy together in 2 concerts and many funny activities for our groups as tasting typical italian cheese and wine, dancing on the beach or creating magnificent sand sculptures...

Who can join?

Folklore groups

Modern dance groups

Instrumental groups

Majorette groups

Folk stylized groups

Vocal groups

Classic ballet groups

Fashion theatre