International Online Festival-Contest “All colours of Art”


Registration: till 15/12/2020

*Results on 23rd december

1. Prize fund of 6000 euro

2. The winners of the Grand Prix will receive vouchers of 100 euro for soloists, 200 euro for duet or trio and 500 euros for  groups and special invitations for participation in future contests and festivals in Italy

3. Laureates of the 1st degree are invited without a festival fee to any of the competitions when purchasing full festival packages with accommodation.

4. Additional prizes are expected too:

- Discount voucher for participation in contests and festivals in Italy

- Invitation to participate in festivals and competitions in Italy for 2021 or 2022 

- Realization of professional video for soloist or group on festival in Italy.


I) till 6 years old; 7-9 y.o.; 10-11 y.o.; 12-13 y.o; 14 -16 y.o; 17 - 19 y.o

II) 20 - 27 y.o; over 28 y.o

* The group age will be based on the majority of the participants.


Choreographic groups and soloists


1) classical ballet;

2) modern choreography (jazz, modern, neoclassic, etc.)

3) folk choreography, folk-stylized dance, ethnic dances;

4) pop dance.

5) ballroom dancing

6) sports dances (hip-hop, disco, techno, break dance, ect)

7) social dances

Instrumental groups and soloists


1) string instruments

2) folk instruments

3) wind instruments

4) electronic musical instruments

5) keyboard instruments

6) bow instruments

7) percussion instruments




Vocals (choirs, ensembles, duets, trio, soloists)


1) academic vocals

2) pop vocals

3) folk vocals

4) jazz vocals

5) rock and rap


Other geners:


1) fashion theaters

2) students and children of art schools

3) photo and video creativity

4) circus, clowning, acrobatics, original plastic, juggling


Competitive requirements, specified in the score sheet of the jury:



• Purity of intonation

• Range of voice

• Artistry and scenic culture

• Choosing a repertoire



• Theme and selection of the repertoire;

• Performing skills;

• Dance composition;

• Costumes and props;

• Acting skills.




Instrumental performance (only for soloists):

• Technique of performance;

• Composition;

• Musicality, virtuosity, sound culture;

• Understanding the style, artistic interpretation of the musical work, selection of the repertoire;

• Artistry, stage appearance, general impression.

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- The composition of the jury is formed and approved by the Organizing Committee of the contest. The jury is formed by specialists of dance and music art: choreographers, composers, musicians, variety artists, teachers.Decisions of the jury are final and are not subject to review.

The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the decision of the jury and the awarding of seats to the participants.

• Duration of group performances - 1 or 2 performances, up to 5 minutes for each performance.

• The duration of a soloist's performance is 1 or 2 performances, up to 4 minutes for each performance.


20 euro/pers. - soloists

15 euro/pers. - duet , trio

50 euro/group


• the group receives a competitive diploma (electronically);

• a review of performance by a professional international jury;

• certificates and thank-you letters to teachers (electronically);

• opportunity to win a special prize, vouchers of discount and invitation for future contests in Italy.

*Participation with 1 performance

* Additional nomination is paid in the same way as the main one.



30 euro /pers. – soloists

20 euro/pers. - duet, trio, groups up to 6 people (more than 7 people – 15 euro/pers.);

From 10 people – 10 euro/pers.


• presentation up to 2 performances or works from a participant or team;

• each participant receives a personalized diploma for participating in the festival-competition;

• participants in small forms - an individual award

• the team receives a competitive diploma and a cup;

• a review of the performance by a professional international jury;

• certificates and letters of thanks to teachers;

• an opportunity to win a special prize, vouchers of discount and invitation for future contests in Italy.

* Additional nomination is paid in the same way as the main one.

* Additional cost for delivery by post : 15-25 euro /depends on package/

Participants I° round , 15th october

Participants II° round , 15th november

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